In my previous blog, we have covered how to setup WordPress website on Google Cloud for free. In this blog, we are going to discuss about how we can setup a domain name for our WordPress Site and compare two main domain name registrar. Also, we will cover adding up securing and speeding up your site with CloudFlare  

Why CloudFlare

What is domain name registrar

In simple terms, domain name registrars are the entity who maintains records of the domain name. For every domain name registered with this registrar, they need to pay a fee to global central entity.  With this we can say no registrar will provide us a free domain name. Probably in the starting, they offer you a very good price like $1 or $2 but they will make sure to fill up their wallet on domain renewal time. I spent some time to find and compare out the right register for me. Here are two which I want to share with you.

  1. - 1st year free, Charges $15 next year onwards. This is good to get started as it is free and there is nothing to lose. Once you see you are doing good with your website plan compare prices and move to another domain name (Definitely your SEO will be impacted but there are workarounds. Please read my other blog on moving your site to new domain.)
  2. - As the name suggests they are really cheap not free but really cheap. They domain names starting from $0.48 per year and $6 for 5 year which is really good compared any other services available in the market. My personal recommendation will be if you don’t want to spend any money in the starting, go with Freenom and go with Namecheap if you thinking for the long term.

Setting up WordPress Domain with FreeNom

Setting up WordPress Domain with NameCheap

Setting up WordPress Domain name redirect to Google Cloud External IP